Provincial Grand Lodge of Caithness

CLIC Sargent Caring for Children with Cancer

Bob Macdougal
Residential Manager
Duffy Drive

Charity Event

Dear Sir and Brother
Firstly, may I take This Opportunity to introduce myself.
My name is Bob Macdougal.
I am a Past Master of Lodge St. Columbia No.1295.

I am a residential manager within HMP Inverness.
I have been a prison officer for the past 30 years.
Every year I undertake a charity event to raise funds for charities within the Highlands & Islands, which is the geographical area of the Provincial Lodges and which our prison serves.

I am a great believer in charity begins at home which is the reason behind these events.

This year one of the main beneficiaries will be CLIC Sargent (Caring for Children with Cancer) who give terrific support in the areas I am cycling around.
"Registered Charity Number (1107328) and registered in Scotland (SC039857)".

It is my intention this year to cycle from Inverness to Shetland (Muckle Flugga) and home again.
I will be accompanied by my friend and colleague and we are due to leave Inverness on the 19th May and make our way to John O' Groats and then to Gills to catch the ferry to Orkney
In Orkney we plan to cycle round some of the main Island to take in some of the sites.
We will the take the ferry from Orkney to Shetland arriving at Lerwick.

Lerwick north to Muckle Flugga the most Northerly Lighthouse. Returning to Lerwick and spending the day taking in some of the sites before taking the ferry to Aberdeen.
Leaving Aberdeen on the coastal route taking in Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Banff etc and finaly back home to sunny Inverness. Approximately 550 miles cycling in total.

Provincial Grand Master of Caithness presenting a cheque for £100
to Bro. Bob Macdougal to help with his fund raising efforts
Another £50 was added to the above donation.

Bob's total to date is an amazing £3000, with more donations still to be added.


The route is an arduous task especially as we will be carring all we require, Tent, Sleeping Bags and food and cooking utensils. We have set a timescale of 8 days to complete the route.

My brothers and colleagues are convinced this year I have gone over the edge and I am pushing my limits, but as aforementioned I strongly believe in charity, and if pushing myself to the limit raises a few pounds for local causes the journey will have been well worth the effort.

My reason for writing to you is in the hope that you could help me along the way by giving your support in some way. It would be extremely beneficial if I could find some form of sponsorship to aid me in this challenge.
Funding the cost of ferry travel would be one example of support, a raffle prize to add toward other fund raising efforts would be helpful; a monetary donation would be very much appreciated.

Anything which could assist in raising funds for local charities, would be extremely supportive and beneficial.

May I thank you for taking the time to read this correspondence, and I wait in anticipation that you may find a way of helping out in some small way.

Many thanks
Yours Fraternally
Bob Macdougal..Past Master St. Columba 1295


Caithness General Hospital

A member of Lodge John O'Groat was visiting a relative in the Bignold wing of Caithness General Hospital, he was asked to wait in the day room until the doctor had finished his rounds. While he was waiting he had a look around the room and was saddened by the the state of it's disrepair, it lacked decor and any comforting furnishings which made him feel uncomfortable.

Some of the furniture had come from the old Bignold Hospital and looked like it had seen better days. He decided to have a word with a member of staff about the state of the room, he was told that there was no money available for any refurbishment in the foreseeable future and all they could do was to try and keep the room as clean and tidy as possible.

After a moments thought Bro,X, suggested to the member of staff why don't you ask the members of the Freemasons of Caithness if they could offer any assistance. This advice was promptly put into action and a letter was drafted and passed on to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Caithness who at once agreed to try and raise some money to put towards this worthwhile project.

Provincial Grand Lodge set the wheels in motion by making a donation into a temporary fund which was set up to include any further donations made within the Province.
Provincial Grand Secretary sent out a letter to the four Daughter Lodges within the Province, which also included the members of the other Masonic Orders in the Province, asking if they could possibly help by giving a donation towards this worthwhile project.

The response was amazing, the generosity shown by all concerned managed to raise the magnificent sum of £2650.
RWPGM of Caithness Bro. D.J. Chambers
Presenting The Cheque To
Staff   Nurse  Stephanie Ballantine

Photo by Bro.John Burke.

MacKenzie Trophy

The MacKenzie Trophy was born from an
idea by the late William D Mackenzie, Past Master of Lodge John O' Groat.[1982-1983]. He was also Provincial Grand Master of Caithness.[1989-1994]

Here we see Mrs Bertha MacKenzie proudly holding the Trophy.

William Mackenzie donated the Trophy during his time as Provincial Grand Master.
The intention was to have some sort of inter-competition between the four Lodges in the Province, over 40's football was decided, the games unfortunately were not very well supported. Only Lodge John O'Groat and St Peter's ever competed, the other two Lodges never took part, for reasons known only to themselves. Recollection is that maybe only three games were ever played, St Peters winning once, the last time they played.
A very unfortunate tragedy happened during another over 40s game, Ackie Manson who was not a freemason died of a heart attack,  it was then decided that over 40s football was maybe not a great idea.
In the matches that did take place, there were Brethren who were well over 40 eg Donnie Inrig, Ron Boden, Hugh Manson, Alistair Hossack, Murray Coghill and William MacKenzie himself, to name but a few. There was, of course, Donald Chambers who was not over 40 at the time but was allowed to participate because he was one of  the organisers.
The Trophy was never competed for again until this year...2010
An indoor sports competition or something of that nature was discussed on several occasions in the past but nobody ever took the bull by the horns to get something organised. William's widow, Bertha, requested that the Trophy get dusted down and get used for something.  Hence this year's competition, which was held in St.Peter's, this was only because they were the holders of the Trophy, and sadly once again only St.Peter's and Lodge John O'Groat took part. With Lodge John O'Groat being the outright winners.
 L-R..Bro.Jimmy Chambers..Wilma Webster..Bro.Jim Beattie and Mrs Bertha MacKenzie..
Photo provided by Bro.Doug Treasurer)

But none the less those that did take part had a good time playing various games, winning raffles, having a few dram's and enjoying the crak. But most importantly they also raised money for local charities, which was always the main objective of the competition.
If anyone has information or pictures regarding the above please contact me by
The proceeds of the evening being presented to the representative of
Bayview Day Care Centre.
Mrs Michelle Sutherland.
Back- Bro. Jim Beattie
Front- Michelle Sutherland, Bro. Jimmy Chambers, Bro. Alex Budge

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