Provincial Grand Lodge of Caithness


 Bro.W.M.Brims. First Provincial Grand Master of Caithness.1927-1938

W.M.Brims ruled the Province for ten years, being reinstalled in 1932 by Robert Edward, Lord Belhaven & Stenton,then Grand Master Mason.
He was a solicitor and bank agent, twice Provist of Thurso, and the records show, was assiduous in his attention to the duties of his office.




Provincial Grand Lodge was established in 1927.

 The first Provincial Grand Master was. PM Bro. William M Brims.


Provincial Grand Lodge has the responsibility of Over-seeing the work of it's Daughter Lodges in the Province of Caithness.


Which there are four:

St Peters Operative Lodge No 284...(Thurso) 

Lodge St Fergus No 466...(Wick)

Lodge John O'Groat No.1333...(Castletown)

Lodge Latheron No 1424...(Latheron) 


The Provincial Grand Master is selected from one of the four Lodges in the Province and he is expected to carry out His duties for a period of five years, or until a suitable replacement is selected.

         Again this selection comes from one of the four Daughter Lodges.

 The time has come for the present RWPGM  Bro D.J.Chambers to stand down now that his term of five years in office is complete, (2009-2014 ) now that a suitable replacement has been selected, and will take his place with immediate effect.

PM Bro W.McLeod of Lodge St Fergus No.466 has been selected for this very important office, and He will be expected to carry out his duties to the very best of his ability for the next five years.
Or until such a time, which has been stated before, until a suitable replacement has been selected.




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