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Provincial Grand Lodge of Caithness

John Munro was succeeded in 1951 by John Allan, Past Master of Lodge John O'Groat. Grand Lodge had now resumed the formal installation of Provincial Grand Master's.
Alexander Godfrey, 7th Baron MacDonald, conducted the ceremony on 20th June 1952.

There was a curious incident in 1952-3. At the October 1952 meeting it was announced that the test at the end of the First Degree must, by dictum of Grand Lodge, be discontinued. But, in January 1953, Provincial Grand Lodge came to a majority decision to allow it to be continued. In March, after receiving a letter from Grand Secretary, it was decided to allow the Daughter Lodges to make up their own minds. The minutes of Grand Lodge throw no light on the peculiar series of events.

The next Provincial Grand Master was Dr.George Hector Sinclair, Past Master of Lodge Lockerbie Quhytewoollen No.258 and founding Master of Lodge Latheron.     ( It may be noted in passing that Lockerbie stands at the base of White-woollen Hill. ) He was installed on 11th October 1957 by Lord MacDonald, now Grand Master Mason.

During 1958 agreement was reached with the four Daughter Lodges to have one firm of professional auditors examine all the books in the Province. Simon and Victor Fraser were willing to do the work and offered to waive the fees. It then agreed to pay them a £20 honorarium. In 1959 the question of whether it was right for a Lodge to be canvassing outside its own "region" was raised but was not pursued.

In 1961, ex-Provist John Sinclair, initiate and Past Master of St.Peter's Operative became Provincial Grand Master.
He was installed by the Grand Master Mason, Archibald,Earl of Eglinton & Winton. In that year it was decided to give jewels to the surviving Past Provincial Grand Masters and the Daughter Lodges were invited to subscribe to a fund.Typically, they refused to do so.
Later the fund enabled presentations to be made to the two qualified brethren.

In 1962 the question was raised of whether there was anything against the Provincial Grand Master visiting a Lodge to witness a Second Degree. In reply the Provincial Grand Master said he would be doing so and it was not unprecedented. He later visited Thurso on the occasion of a working of the Mark Degree.

On the 29th September 1964, Grand Master Mason, Lord Bruce, in the course of a week's Masonic tour of the north of Scotland, witnessed a Third Degree in St.Fergus Lodge.

The present Provincial Grand Master, Alexander Rosie, ninth of the modern line, was appointed in May 1966. He is an initiate and Past Master of Lodge John O'Groat, was Provincial Grand Secretary from 1951 and a Grand Steward of Grand Lodge from 1952. He was installed by the Grand Master Mason, Sir Ronald Orr-Ewing,Bart, on 25th May 1966.

In November of that year Lodge John O'Groat suggested that Provincial Grand Lodge should work a degree for the benefit of the Daughter Lodges.
After considering the advice that Provincial Grand Lodge must be above the fray, the suggestion was rejected.



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